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You Can Be the Cure for Leukemia

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Our Mission

Every year, thousands of people of all ages are diagnosed with blood cancers like leukemia or lymphoma, sickle cell anemia or other life-threatening diseases. Many of them will die unless they get a bone marrow or cord blood transplant from a matching donor. Seventy percent of people do not have a donor in their family and depend on our Be The Match Registry to find a match to save their life.

Who We Are - About Be The Match

Be The Match(R) is a movement that engages a growing community of people inspired to help patients who need a marrow or umbilical cord blood transplant. Be The Match offers the public an opportunity to get involved by joining the Be The Match Registry, donating umbilical cord blood, contributing financially or volunteering time.

Finding a Match: The Basics

For a successful transplant, a patient needs a matching donor. Special testing determines whether a patient and a bone marrow donor or umbilical cord blood are a good match. The closer the match, the better for the patient.
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Race and Ethnicity Matter

Because the markers used in matching are inherited, patients are more likely to match someone from their own race or ethnicity. Adding more donors and cord blood units from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds to the Be The Match Registry increases the likelihood that all patients will find the match they need.

NCIS Cast Members Ask Heroes to Join Be The Match

Be The Match has launched a national consumer awareness campaign called SWABplusDNA = Save a Life to inspire heroes - just like you - to join the Be The Match Registry and save the lives of patients fighting blood cancer. The campaign includes television spots that feature Rocky Carroll, Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly from NCIS, the #1 drama on television on CBS. The campaign highlights the importance of DNA matching by featuring actors best known to Americans as forensic investigators.

The goal of SWABplusDNA = Save a Life is to add young diverse members to the registry of all races, notably African Americans, by visiting Racially and ethnically diverse people are needed on the registry so all patients can get the life-saving transplant they need.

If you are 18 - 44, step up now and join. You are ten times more likely to be called to donate. Swab your cheek. Save a life. JOIN THE REGISTRY. The campaign also encourages people to text the words DNA to 50555 to contribute $10 to help add new members to the registry - text in your contribution today!

Be The Match - Making a Difference Every Year With Your Help

People like you have stepped up to help support the work of Be The Match. Each year, 10,000 patients with leukemia, lymphoma and many other life-threatening diseases need a marrow transplant from an unrelated donor, but only half receive one. Half is not enough. Help add more life-saving members to the Be The Match Registry, so that every searching patient can find a match.

More Resources

25 Years = 50,000 Transplants

As a leader in the field of marrow and cord blood transplantation, the Be The Match Registry works every day to connect patients, doctors, donors and researchers to the resources they need. To help people of every racial and ethnic background live longer, healthier lives, they:

  • Add more members and donated umbilical cord blood to the Be The Match Registry every day.
  • Support patients with resources and services to reduce barriers to transplant and improve their quality of life after transplant.
  • Educate doctors about transplant advances and patient care post transplant.
  • Conduct and support clinical trials and other research to advance the science of transplant.

Now It's Time To Take Action Help this cause

Other Ways You Can Get Involved

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  • admin

    I’m a big Be The Match supporter. I love this story. So inspiring. I emailed it to my mother and all my friends. Several of us are joining a local chapter because of (it)!

    • admin

      Great to hear. Which Chapter did you join. Maybe I’ll join too.

      • admin

        We joined the LA Chapter. We’re going to our first meeting this Thursday night. Meet us there!

  • admin

    Wow! Just came to your site. What an inspiring story. So many good ones. It really gives me hope.

    • Anonymous

      I commend you all for providing America tangible action steps they can do to make a difference.

  • Anonymous

    I just tweeted this story. Let’s keep the sharing going!

  • Anonymous

    I just registered with Be The Match! It feels so good. Thank you (it) mag for letting me know how I can help. You made it so easy for me!

  • Lonestar49

    Hi Commenter Smith, how did the test work out for you!

  • contentcreators4it

    Nice article!

  • contentcreators4it

    Thank you for sharing. Very informational.

    • Alex

      Yes indeed. Thank you.

  • Jack

    Nice Article

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