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More Energy-Saving Tips From Ed Begley Jr.

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Winter Episodes: Tips #3 and #4
Fireplace Use and Thermostat Settings

Here are two more simple winter energy-saving tips that can be helpful to the environment AND to your bottom line.  Try them, compare your energy bills and see that the change you made was good for your wallet -- and I'll bet you barely notice the difference in your quality of life while doing so.

It requires a huge amount of energy -- energy that you pay for in the form of your electric, oil or gas bills -- to raise or lower the heat of your home by even a few degrees.  Controlling these costs, and the amount of energy you use, means controlling the temperature both when you're home and when you're away.

Of course, trying to reach agreement with the people living in your home about what temperature is comfortable as the weather changes may be a challenge, but have everyone give it a try by adjusting with a sweater, or lighter shirt or different blankets at night, and those few degrees will really begin to add up in savings.

Here are two more tips for the cooler months... be sure to click thru for more money saving home energy tips, and stay tuned throughout the seasons for other easy steps you can take with these Environmental "(it) bits."

Best suggestions for using a fireplace:


Efficient temperatures to set your thermostat:


Want to know more? Follow us through the seasons for more Environmental "(it) bits" with Ed Begley, Jr. to help you go green and save some green!


Note from the Publisher:

(it) magazine is pleased to bring you "(it) bits," a series of bite-sized useful info you can use today in all aspects of your life and in your community. Because of his deep well of knowledge about how to live greener, and his impressive, well-spoken ability to give advice about it, our first "(it) bits" feature Ed Begley, Jr. with a series of Environmental tips.  -- Liam Blume, Publisher


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Home Energy Tips: Winter #1 and #2 Energy Efficiency and Home Energy Audit
There are some simple ways to cut back on home energy bills, especially during the winter, that can be helpful to the environment AND to your bottom line.


Begleys Best

BEGLEY’S BEST: Earth Responsible Cleaning Products

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Live Like Ed

Living Like Ed
contains tips for environmentally friendly living that anyone–whether you own or rent, live in a private home or a condo–can try to make a positive change for the environment. From quick fixes to bigger commitments and long-term strategies, Ed will help you make changes in every part of your life.

And if you think living green has to mean compromising on aesthetics or comfort, fear not; Ed’s wife, Rachelle, insists on style–with a conscience. In Living Like Ed, his environmentalism and her design savvy combine to create a guide to going green that keeps the chic in eco-chic.

From recycling more materials than you ever thought possible to composting without raising a stink to buying an electric car, Living Like Ed is packed with ideas–from obvious to ingenious–that will help you live green, live responsibly, live well. Like Ed.

Available in paperback and Kindle editions at Amazon.


Begley Sustainable Book

Ed Begley, Jr.’s Guide to Sustainable Living
lays out a detailed road map culled from Ed’s thirty-nine years of green living. For the first time ever, a comprehensive plan is provided, from effective conservation techniques to producing your own energy.

Starting with the energy audit, Ed shows us how to create a game plan for resource conservation in the home. Then, once an adequate baseline of resource use is achieved, he leads us into more in-depth eco-matters, such as the production of alternative energy, and how to use solar and wind energy and a geothermal pump. As Ed’s guide continues, the focus then turns to sustainable lifestyle management choices, such as home gardening, and guidelines on creating a green nursery for your children. This book covers it all–small to large–in plain language and in a progression from resource conservation to energy production and lifestyle management that makes both environmental and fiscal sense.

Available in paperback from Amazon.



On Begley Street is a Web series that explores the building of North America’s greenest, most sustainable home. It follows noted actor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. and his wife, Rachelle Carson-Begley, as they attempt to build their home under LEED Platinum Certified standards. Each episode explores sustainable living and balancing comfort with consumption. The Begleys’ adventures are often heightened by their numerous and comical mistakes, which often result in playful bickering. And keep an eye open as Ed and Rachelle’s high-profile friends stop by for a visit and are then coerced into an afternoon of hard labor.

Although the show will often be laugh-out-loud funny, On Begley Street will also be illuminating, quirky, informative, playful … and very Begley. Join Team Begley and become a part of the mission to build a better future for planet Earth.  Watch here on, or learn more at

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About the Author

Ed Begley, Jr. is an Actor, Environmentalist, and author of Living Like Ed: A Guide to the Eco-Friendly Life. He has served as chairman of the Environmental Media Association and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.

Ed serves on the boards of organizations including the Thoreau Institute, and the Union Of Concerned Scientists. His work has earned awards from numerous environmental groups including the California League of Conservation Voters, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Coalition for Clean Air, Heal the Bay, the Santa Monica Baykeeper and the Southern California Gas Company.

Currently, he can be seen on HBO’s “Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight” and the new Amazon Prime show “Betas”.

Ed lives in Studio City, CA in a small, energy efficient home with his wife and co-star Rachelle Carson and their daughter Hayden.

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