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Music for Relief Builds with Habitat for Humanity

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Building For The Community

In collaboration with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles, Music for Relief is helping to fund and build a house in Lynwood for a deserving family in need. The home will be built to LEED specifications and will encompass a number of environmentally savvy features and green building techniques. While green building practices can add to the initial cost of construction, these costs are not passed on to the new homeowner, so there is no extra financial burden for them now, but does provide energy savings for them in the future! This very noble and conscientious project requires your help. What can you do? MFR has a special site set up and is asking every individual to donate just $5 to this cause. Check out the site, you can learn what your donation goes towards -- buy a box of nails, a light fixture or the kitchen sink! As of this writing, they have raised $36,551 of the $150,000 needed for the project, or 24%. This is an excellent project that will not only help a family in need but also help forward sustainable building practices for this type of housing.

On January 14th, (it) Magazine was there for MFR and Habitat"s Green Home Build Day. It was a fantastic experience for our staff and we were able to work with a number of amazing individuals who gave up a day to help a family in need. Members of Linkin Park took time from their busy schedule to come out as well, and were swinging hammers with the rest of us! We were able to put up a large amount of siding on the houses and help finish off framework on the second story. During the build, we were blessed to meet Betty Monroy, a mother of three who recently worked with Habitat volunteers to build her own new home. Mrs. Monroy was on site at the new green home to tell us about the impact that her home had on her family and quality of life. It was amazing to meet someone who had their life directly changed by the efforts of organizations like Habitat for Humanity. Needless to say, this was a very moving and overall extraordinary day. Thank you to everyone who made it out for the build! Just remember, the work there is not complete -- MFR and Habitat need your help. Donate or volunteer today!

To make your $5 contribution go to or text HOUSE to 90999.

P.S. No one said you have to donate JUST $5 :)

Other Areas In Need

Founded by the band Linkin Park, Music for Relief is a non-profit organization dedicated to help with disaster relief best online casino and mitigation, and we all know there are many areas in need and much work to be done.

The oil leak in the Gulf Coast that began following a deep water oil rig explosion on April 20th is still occurring. As the oil slick reaches the coastal wetlands, fragile ecosystems and the animals that inhabit them are in danger. In partnership with Voice of the Wetland and For the Bayou, Music for Relief is supporting the important humanitarian and environmental assistance that is needed in coastal Louisiana now and for the years to come to restore and protect our critical wetlands. Visit the Voice of the Wetlands (VOW) or For the Bayou websites to make a donation, or support Music for Relief and VOW"s Send Dirt campaign by texting DIRT to 90999 and make a $5 contribution via your mobile phone. Or if you would like to volunteer with the oil spill cleanup, find opportunities to do so here.

Music for Relief is also working to support the efforts of non-profit partner organization Hands On Disaster Response to help the victims of disasters such as the earthquake that hit the Sumatra Region in Indonesia late 2009, and the widespread flooding that occurred recently in Tennessee. HODR is a volunteer organization that provides hands-on assistance to survivors of natural disasters around the world and fills in gaps left by governmental and non-governmental agencies in clean-up, community recovery and reconstruction projects. Their projects typically focus on the initial 1-6 months following a disaster. Find out more here about how you can become a volunteer in this process in a number of areas worldwide.

Following the Southern CA wildfires in 2007 Music For Relief made a donation of $50,000 to Direct Relief International that was matched by SanDisk to help victims of the wildfires. Major League Baseball donated $25,000 to the organization last year. MFR also sponsors numerous tree planting projects all over the world and organizes environmental campaigns that help individuals recycle, conserve energy, and lower their carbon footprint. $1 per ticket from Linkin Park"s China concerts in 2009 were donated to the Million Tree Project to help reforest the Inner Mongolian Desert. This is a fantastic organization that has done wonderful things for the world and around the world -- get involved!

Why Is Music For Relief Important?

Take a look at their list of accomplishments over the past five years:

  • They have raised over $3,500,000 in donations for their causes;
  • In 2008, over 95% of the funds raised went directly to disaster relief and environmental programs; only 4.7% of those funds were used for administrative and fundraising purposes;
  • Music for Relief has planted over 810,000 trees worldwide to sequester more than 270,000 tons of CO2;
  • Not only do they do their part to help the environment, they have created environmental programs that educate people in reducing their carbon footprint.

Other Ways You Can Get Involved

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