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“Small Voices” Photo Gallery

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Small Voices: The Stories of Cambodia's Children is a documentary produced and directed by CCC member and volunteer, Heather Connell. These photos are selections from several trips made to Phnom Penh and surrounding areas during the production of that film.

It is often difficult to watch documentaries like Small Voices and walk away without wanting to do something. But the problems can seem so overpowering; it is an easy excuse for us to do nothing, thinking that it will not actually make a difference. But a child does not know they are a drop in the bucket. Whether that child in need is in Cambodia, Africa, or East Los Angeles - our obligation is the same. All we need to do is open our eyes, and take a small step – for one child.  To read more about the making of the film and Heather's experience, click here.

Member-generated material that forwards pro-social action can be spotlighted in (it) magazine -- whether it is a PSA, a full-length documentary, an article, blog or photo essay, we encourage you to submit story ideas that help fuel people's passion to make a difference.

Heather's film won multiple festival awards, and is now available on Netflix and on DVD. See more at All photos (c) 2008 Theresa Kennedy.

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About the Photographer

Theresa Kennedy

Theresa Kennedy

In addition to Cambodia, Theresa has satisifed her craving to get behind a camera in a number of locations including Prague, London, Paris, Vienna, Venice, Santa Fe, New York and Australia. She works in both film and digital media, with a special enthusiasm for experimenting with night photography. For several years she ran a professional digital photography studio in Los Angeles. Theresa is co-founder and editor-in-chief of (it) magazine, and now splits her time with her husband and college-age kids between New York and LA.

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