Published by Sandra Payne

Sandy brings a seventeen-year career to her work as a professional writer and filmmaker, particularly for the web. Her extensive experience writing, directing and producing web series, and award-winning short films and trailers makes her a strong leader in helping (it) magazine bring to the public solutions-driven journalism. When she's not writing with (it) magazine she's busy writing award-winning scripts, developing optioned feature scripts, and serving as a columnist and feature article writer for magazines. She has credits in children's TV, written various ancillary products for children's entertainment properties, and has a published baby board book and a coffee table book of photographs. To help others maximize the benefits of social media, she teaches a class in refining and connecting one's online presence. She furthers her storytelling reach by working with people and organizations (i.e., Sundance Institute screenwriter's lab) to analyze stories to determine what might need an adjustment to make them great.