Pursuing An 'Encore' Career

Every day thousands of Americans turn 55 years old with no plans of retiring anytime soon. (If retirement is still decades away for you, then consider reading on for a parent or a friend.) Many people today are looking for ways to have a social impact during an age that once was thought of as […]

Treading Lightly in the Home and Garden

We all know people who seem to instinctively discover the most innovative ideas on the internet. They find sites that inspire us to live our lives a little more gently, with a little more fun and a lot less wear and tear on the planet. We leave our conversations with one of these friends clutching coffee napkins covered with scribbled URLS, vowing to check out all the possibilities out there.

Home and Garden Tips for Sustainable Living

Water shortage in Southern California continues to be an issue. How are things in your neighborhood? See below for some resources for your home and garden water care. All info provided is devised to make your garden water efficient and drive costs down. It includes very creative tools that literally pick for you the most […]

You Are What You Eat?

Resources To Help With Your Diet And Lifestyle Do you want to eat healthier, live in a cleaner environment, feel better and contribute to others by sharing with them how you are doing it? There are so many ways to do it. Below you will find resources to help you with that. Some are edgy […]

Contribute Your Business and Finance Tips

As we continue to build out our Make It Happen Lifestyle section, we will add stories and links for financial news resources that can help us all harness our economic power to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. Share your expertise! We have created an outlet that serves as a catalyst for more […]