*ANEW: Surplus Repurposing Serves Communities

By raising awareness and providing informed assistance on alternate forms of disposal and reuse and developing environmentally sustainable practices, Anew is changing the way the design, architectural and real estate industries think about and respond to their surplus.

*5th Annual Festival of New American Musicals

The Festival of New American Musicals is presenting its 5th Annual Festival, now thru August 2012! Based in Los Angeles, California, FNAM is home to full productions, staged readings, workshops of musicals in progress, cabaret events, and concerts. In their first 4 years, they have presented: 125 Shows, Concerts and Events 83 Different Venues from […]

What E-Waste Recyclers Won't Say

When you”re making the decision to toss your PC, MAC, Blackberry, or iPhone do you know what actually happens to them? When the life of an electronic ends it becomes electronic waste, also known as e-waste. E-waste recyclers collect end of life electronics. Why? To trade. E-waste recyclers collect electronics for the purposes of trading […]

Small Voices: The Story Behind the Film

After a year’s worth of pre-production, I was finally ready to begin filming on my documentary Small Voices: The Stories Of Cambodia’s Children, an in depth examination of the struggles of the street and garbage dump children who live and work in a society that has largely forgotten them.

Smartphone Apps Turn Citizens Into Scientists

Around 100 million Americans use web-connected, camera-equipped phones on a daily — probably hourly — basis. Which is why many developers are exploring how this extraordinary resource can be harnessed for social change. By using our phones to snap photographs of trash-filled riverbeds, for example, or geo-tag pervasive noise pollution, just about anyone can contribute […]

Help Us Edit the Style Section!

As we continue to build out our Make It Happen Resources section, we will add stories and links from the world of Fashion that can help us all harness our economic power to choose wisely and support innovative, sustainable businesses and products. Share your sense of Style! We have created an outlet that serves as […]