You Are What You Eat?

Resources To Help With Your Diet And Lifestyle Do you want to eat healthier, live in a cleaner environment, feel better and contribute to others by sharing with them how you are doing it? There are so many ways to do it. Below you will find resources to help you with that. Some are edgy […]

Neighborhood Fruit Ripe For The Picking

Neighborhood Fruit Ripe For The Picking Can Help Reduce the Level of Unhealthy Eating in America. We”ve all probably begun to lose count of the number of news reports and studies all speculating about why our nation is in the unhealthy state that it”s in. Fast food is more accessible and easier for our on-the-go […]

School Lunch Resources

School Lunch Resources Concerned about school lunches? Want to advocate for more nutritious meals for kids? Here are a few links to what is going on in the school lunch world…join in the push for healthier lunch! Changes in Washington DC schools: